Based in Chestermere, Alberta in the heart of Canada's west.  We (Martha and Todd) have two beautiful, energetic girls that keep us on our toes and full of life.  Through the experiences of being parents and seeing how the world is struggling with its various difficulties, it made us aware of just how important many simple things are and how trivial other things can be.  It's our own evolution.

We have re-evaluated our food consumption, water quality, entertainment, money habits and have also begun questioning many aspects of our world, which isn't always popular, but definitely worth a positive discussion.  Through this process we discovered many eye-opening truths that we were, unfortunately, ignorant to.  Like everyone else, we're still learning and growing and always will.  We want to be able to pass the good information down to our daughters and hopefully others.

The concept for this site has been in development for a couple years and we've finally had some time to dedicate to it and bring it to fruition.  It's still in development and probably always will be.

We are consciencious and consider ourselves to have a high level of integrity.  We will not sell or promote anything that we wouldn't feel proud to give to our own family and friends.  We strive to have a high level of service and back the products we carry.  That being said, we will not claim to be scientists, medical or dietary experts.  We do, however, put a lot of research into what we put forth and rely on input, testing, testimonials and facts from others.

We hope that you find some good products on this site and we endeavour to maintain those while seeking out new ones that fit our criteria. 

Cheers and gratitude,

Todd and Martha