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New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL) is the manufacturer of the Berkey® line of gravity-fed water filtration and purification products. They are also the North American Master Distributor of the British Berkefeld® Ceramic water filters and systems. NMCL is a worldwide supplier of the most powerful free-standing, portable, gravity-fed water filtration and purification systems available.

Passion and Focus

Our passion is to provide the cleanest, freshest and purest drinking water for people in Calgary, Riverbend and all Canada available anywhere and to provide our customers with the longest lasting elements available. Our focus is to provide exceptional products and service through integrity, commitment to customers, teamwork, the most rigorous testing in the industry and continual quality improvement.


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Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Pur C products are Canadian manufactured in Nova Scotia by Stephens Health Agency Inc.

They’ve had a profound belief in the power of hemp long before the Industrial Hemp Regulations were passed in Canada, March 2nd 1998.

At last, a truly natural remedy was available to assist our communities.


Stephen Health Agency Inc.’s unique products are derived from Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil.  For thousands of years cannabis had been used to assist people to maintain good health.

Until the 1920′s marijuana/cannabis was freely available. High THC cannabis is still illegal unless sanctioned by the Canadian Government for medicinal use only. Stephen Health Agency Inc’s Med Marijuana division is legally allowed to process and distribute low THC content to the general public.

There are 45 nutrients the human body can’t live without, nor can our bodies manufacture. 24 minerals,13 vitamins 8 amino acids.
No single food has all of them.

This is why Med Marijuana Seed oil Gel Caps are essential for quality of Life.

Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel caps
contain 100% pure Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil (strain is bred for medicinal purposes) first and foremost.

Our oil  provides the perfect  ratio of the omega cluster (3,6 and 9) to the exacting ratio that mammals require for optimum health. * Research has shown that supplementation with omega 3 alone can have a reverse effect on the immune system and can lead to hardening of the arteries

Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel caps have an exceptional concentration of EFA’s (80%). EFA’s (essential fatty acids) are the omega fats that must be ingested. They are known for their role in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,cancer, arthritis and much more.

Our Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel caps contain as substantial amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Potassium, calcium., magnesium,  iron, copper (good for absorption, storage and metabolism of iron and is required for brain development and nerve cell communication).

The protein  in Med Marijuana Seed Oil gel capsules  mimics the globulin protein found in our bodies.

All diseases and viruses stem from a deteriorating or malfunctioning immune system Med Marijuana Seed Oil Gel caps assists in the restoration of the immune system.  A team mate of ours once described, “It’s a perfect meal in an unattractive presentation.”

Gluten Free Supplement for Pets


Omega -3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids (EFA’S) for humans as well as for dogs and cats because they cannot be made in the body. In order to maintain optimal health and wellness, these fatty acids must be obtained through diet and supplementation. EPA and DHA are necessary structural components of cell membranes.

Our Medi-Paws is also rich in GLA (the good omega-6) GLA; precursors to DHA, EPA.

Cannabis sativa hemp seed oil contains more EFA’s than flax seed oil. It is free of potential toxic contaminants found in fish oil supplements. It also provides the perfect 3:1 EFA balance.

Because we cannot (people cats and dogs) synthesize EFA’s, supplemental EFA is required. Due to the increasing levels of contaminants found in our food supply, specifically in coldwater fish, Medi-Paws is the superior supplement.