Med Marijuana Oil FAQ's and Legalities

Will I get high?
No. While containing trace amount of THC, Med Marijuana and our other products have no psychoactive properties whatsoever.

How long will it take to experience the benefits?
Generally, people are experiencing results within the first 1 to 3 months. Occasionally, results have been reported within days.

Are these products legal?
Yes. Our products are batch tested following processing for THC according to Health Canada protocol for THC analysis found in the Industrial Hemp technical manual. We are pleased to report the concentration of THC in all our products is “non detected”.

For more info view Legalities below

Can I overdose?
There are no side effects. Our products are safe and natural health alternative containing the complete Omega profile in a balanced blend to perfectly meet our body’s needs and uptake abilities.

Will I get addicted?
No, our products have no addictive properties at all.

What is the difference between the Med Marijuana Seed Oil and hemp oil?

  • Our oil is now customized from seeds specifically selected by Med Marijuana for their unique properties
  • The soil used is most conducive to the seeds chosen
  • Med Marijuana’s stock is grown only for beneficial purposes
  • Complete Omega Profile – Omega 3,6 & 9 in perfect balance
  • NO GMO / Pesticide free
  • Our processing environment is 100% controlled: The oil is processed in a sterile, high tech, inert environment (no light, no oxygen, cool temperature) – the reason: the oil is very fragile and can metabolize very quickly when exposed to any heat source
  • 8 Amino Acids required for life & optimal health, balanced in the proper proportions
  • The GLA factor is customized and is higher than current standards for any other Cannabis Seed Oil currently manufactured.

The primary components found in our products are the essential fatty acids (E.F.A’s). All eight together in a perfect ratio for our bodies.

The Omega oils bring Omega 3, 6 and 9, plant sterols & sterolins, linolenic acids, gammalinolenic acids & linoleic acids. These compounds when packed together provide a powerful nutritional punch to benefit our clients.

Recent studies have concluded that for example, just ingesting Omega 3, that can be found pressed from the carcasses of sharks and seals can actually suppress the immune system.

Stephen Health Agency Inc’s products contain all the essential properties in a natural synergestic blend.

Many of these components, when purchased separately would cost over $100.00 per month, with no guarantee that you are receiving the best ratio for consumption.

We at Med Marijuana believe in “health then wealth” so our products are very affordable to ensure we may assist as many of our fellow citizens as possible.


In 1998 an order in council was past in Canada permitting Cannabis Hemp to be grown legally as long as the THC (psycho active component) was less than 10 ppm (parts per million). This amount of THC (delta 9 cannabinoid) will not give any euphoric effect.

Over a period of time we selected a federally licensed grower who’s crop is randomly checked throughout the growing cycle to ensure it’s within the law. Med Marijuana uses federally certified Cannabis Hemp seeds, designed to provide the highest nutritional value.

We grow a fresh crop every year and at each harvest it’s again inspected to ensure THC content does not bypass government regulations.

Health Canada at that juncture issues a certificate allowing our grower to release the harvest to us. Our product then goes through several micro-biological testing at many different phases until the completion of our finished product.

Med Marijuana does not offer High THC Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

For those individuals seeking high THC medical grade cannabis they should discuss this with their health care practitioner regarding an application to health Canada for an exemption.  Click the following link.

Disclaimer for Health Supplements

 The information on this website or provided by the distributors is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Though there are no known side effects and no known interactions with other medications, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before trying these products. If you have a medical condition, are on any prescription medications, or have been scheduled for surgery, please seek the advice of your physician before trying any of these products. Results are not guaranteed and are different for every person and animal.